• Image of Arlington LocationWisconsin Foundation Seeds (WFS) is an auxiliary program with the University of Wisconsin Agronomy Department.  WFS is responsible for the production, conditioning, sales and distribution of Foundation seed stocks to Certified seed producers in Wisconsin and several regional states.  These Certified seed producers in turn, produce and sell Certified seed to growers/farmers.
  • History and Mission
    WFS has had a distinguished history since 1901. WFS acts as a conduit in the seed stocks marketplace between the breeder and the ultimate consumer – the grower/farmer. The WFS program assists the University of Wisconsin Agronomy Department breeding programs by marketing these varieties through Certified seed producers or through private companies on a restricted release basis if the situation warrants. Seed Stock contributions include: alfalfa, barley, oats, red clover, rye, soybeans, wheat (spring & winter). Wisconsin Foundation Seeds has a long history of working closely with rural people, agri-business clientele, and the scientific community and is devoted to continue that tradition.
  • Licensed Varieties
    The authority to produce, label and market seed of University of Wisconsin licensed varieties is controlled by licensing agreements. Research fees are collected from seed producers of licensed varieties for the support of University of Wisconsin variety development and research. Those interested in obtaining a license authorizing seed production and labeling of the University of Wisconsin small grain licensed varieties should contact the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association at 608/262-1341.
  • Contract Seed Production
    WFS is also involved in seed production contracts with privately owned companies along with custom conditioning and treatment of seed. Those interested in these services should contact the Arlington Seed Plant Facility office at 608/846-9761.
  • Location
    The program office is located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The seed stock facility is located in Arlington, WI.

Wisconsin Foundation Seeds (WFS)
562 Moore Hall, UW
1575 Linden Dr.
Madison, WI 53706-1514

WFS Accounts:  608/262-9954
Fax:  608/262-0168

WFS Arlington Seed
W6618 Cty Rd. K
Arlington, WI   53911

Seed Plant Office:  608/846-9761
Fax:  608/846-9762



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